This page spotlights some of the special Samoyeds who have found their way to rescue & are looking for new homes. If you are interested in learning more about or possibly adopting any of these dogs, please contact the rescue organization who has that particular dog.
Mr. Hobbs
Meet Mr. Hobbs --- the canine persona of Jimmy Stewart, who some of you may remember in the movie "Mr. Hobbs Goes To Washington". Mr. Hobbs is a senior gentleman that knows sit, down, and stay. He is also crate trained and house broken. He enjoys playing with toys and is not destructive. No doubt he spent at least part of his life as a house pet and desperatley longs to return to being someone's couch potato. He gets very excited about the idea of "going" whether it be for a walk or for a car ride. Mr. Hobbs is a large boy and weighs approximately 90#. He currently has a soft, short coat as he came into rescue naked from being shaved to the skin. Diagnosed with mild hypothyroidism, Mr. Hobbs is responding very well to his Thyroid medication and undoubtedly will need to remain on it. He also has an auto immune condition that is seen in only a few breeds. It is referred to as VKH and is Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada like syndrome. It is evidenced by loss of pigment of the lips, nose, eye rims, and maybe eyes. Mr. Hobbs has responded very well to medication for this condition. It has not yet been determined whether or not he will always need to be on medication for this. Treatment is best directed by a Veterinary Opthamologist as they see most of the dogs with this condition. Accessibility to one would be advisable. Mr. Hobbs is cat tolerant. He would be happiest in a home where he is the only dog and his family members are adults. Please email zvsamresq (at) - .

Barney was found as a stray in the Richmond Va area and weighed in at 33 lbs when the shelter got him. He was dangerously thin and very weak and had double ear infections as well as a raging urinary tract infection. His ears are now doing great and some hearing has returned, he's reached the 40 lbs mark and still growing and is on the last of the antibiotics today (4/1/05) for the urinary tract infection. He is still weak and needs to build up muscle everywhere but his energy level has increased greatly but he has a ways to go. This week we checked out his rear end because of his difficulty on slippery surfaces and discovered that he does have hip dysplasia. It's not a horrible case but in addition to general weakness and lack of muscle tone will be a bit more work in general. He gets along great w/other dogs and is fine with cats and any human that wants to love-up on him. He is OK left alone in the house, is non destructive, completely house broken and in general a great dog. He still sleeps a lot but that will change in time. The vet at the shelter and ours both guess his age to be about 7 yrs old. For more information, visit at Mid Atlantic Samoyed Rescue!

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